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District Councillor Report


Each month I can be certain that I will have at least one or two concerns from residents about planning issues. As often as not they can be answered or resolved very quickly. Occasionally there is an issue that is less straight forward and takes time to get to the bottom of and the longer it has been going on, the less certain the outcome.

I am pleased that two concerns that have been going on for some time and relate to the old leat and overspill, which in years gone by, served the water wheel at town mill in Clifford Street, look close to resolution.

The first problem centred on poor workmanship and the incomplete sealing of the fabric lining to the leat. This came to a head earlier in the year and for the residents posed a nightmare, as the water leaked from the leat and into their garden, making it almost impossible to use or enjoy. Although Teignbridge District Council were not at fault, or party to the problem, we felt that after advice from our drainage specialist, that we could find funds to rectify the problem. This is in hand and there should be a resolution by the time this report is published.

The second problem arose more recently, when a resident noticed that their garden was being eroded after heavy rainfall caused the overspill from the leat, to swirl around and caused the unprotected earth bank to become saturated and weakened. As in the first scenario, this was not a problem attributable to Teignbridge, but to poor design by the original developers. The householder raised it as a concern and again our drainage specialist looked at the problem and has offered advice which we hope that the original developer will accept and resolve the problem. Failing that, we and the householder are fortunate that as part of two possible developments, the watercourse will become part of a comprehensive drainage plan and we will require the same developer to address the problem as part of their commitment to the plan.

Another concern from more than a couple of residents, centres around the Torr’s Reach Development just off Parade/ Station Hill. The old thatched cottage that lies to one side of the entrance to this development, has been neglected and vandals have accessed the garden and building leaving it in a sorry state. The developers have failed to maintain the grounds leaving them unsightly and with an infestation of brambles which overhang the public footpath. The brambles are an issue for anyone trying to walk past, so we have required the developer to remedy this. We also have an issue about reinstatement and the construction of walls on either side of the visibility splay which we are pursuing. Regrettably this is not how we would expect a responsible developer to behave. What they do not realise, is that issues such as this and their inability to deal with them make us, as a local authority, much warier when other applications from them come forward and they then find themselves having to agree to more onerous conditions as a requirement of granting the application.

On a brighter note, we recently agreed a planning application, which will see a local man’s business relocate to Chudleigh with the possibility of up to 9 jobs. Another application, if agreed, will see the building behind Harcombe Cross garage occupied by a world leader in electrical motors, with the possibility of 60 plus jobs most of which will be new, relocating from Exeter.

As always, if you have a concern which you feel I can help with, please contact me on any of the following : 01626 854892 , 07869066055 or Doug Hellier Laing