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Devon Bat Survey

This project is being managed by Devon Wildlife Trust. Given that Chudleigh is a key location for bats, particularly, the Greater Horseshoe Bat, the Town Council volunteered to act as a host centre for the project. This means that we will hold bat detectors that can be loaned out to volunteers who will then monitor bat activity in their locality for a period of four days. The detector is then returned to the town hall and we forward the recorded data to Devon Wildlife Trust. They will then interpret the data. Over a period of time this will enable the Trust to better understand both the numbers of different species of bats around Chudleigh and where their key foraging areas are located. We expect the bat detectors to be delivered to us sometime during August so I will give you more detail on what is involved next month. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting involved in this project please contact me at Chudleigh Town Hall.