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Chudleigh Town Council Precept 2015-16

After lengthy discussions Chudleigh Town councillors have taken the decision to increase the precept for 2016/17 to £114,303 from its current level of £102,976. A Band D household in Chudleigh currently pays £1,623-33 in Council tax, of which £64-00 comes to the Town Council. This increase will mean that the Band D property contribution to the Town Council will rise to £71-68 per annum. This equates to an increase of 15p per week.

Richard Keeling, the Chairman of the Town Council and Mayor, said “In the current economic climate we do realise that any increase in Council Tax bills will be unwelcome. However, we are faced with increasing overheads such as increases in utility charges and the need to modernise areas of the Town Hall. If we are to maintain our services to the community we need to introduce this increase. We are also faced with more and more cuts in the services provided by the District and County Councils as their funding from central government decreases and it will be important for us to have the financial wherewithal to react when these cuts impact upon our community. For example, this year we have been funding the cutting of roadside verges, something that the County Council used to fund. The Town Council does not have the level of cash reserves to meet a budget deficit so it is vital for us to produce a balanced budget. This can only be done by a small precept increase or cutting expenditure by no longer funding such things as community grants and Christmas lights. We have also committed ourselves to paying all our staff the Living Wage because we believe that is the right thing to do”

He went on to explain that the Town Council had just made grants to three different community groups totalling £3,000. “This year we have made grant awards to Chudleigh Youth Centre, Chudleigh Community Project and Chudleigh Carnival Committee. For some, these grants will help them to meet their operating costs whilst, for others, it will enable them to enhance their service to the local community. As a Council we feel it is vital that we are able to continue to provide support to community groups next year and we will only be able to do that if we increase the precept.”

I mentioned above that in 2015/16 a Chudleigh Band D household will have paid £1,623-33 in Council Tax. What is interesting is the amounts that each organisation receives:-

Devon County Council: £1,161-27

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary: £169-47

Teignbridge District Council: £150-17

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service: £78-42

Chudleigh Town Council: £64-00