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Police report:

The Police Report for the Chudleigh Town Council meeting for the month of December 2017 is as follows:

There were a total of 9 Crimes recorded for the month of November 2017 in Chudleigh broken down as follows:

1.3 x Domestic incidents – The relevant partner agencies have been informed and safeguarding for the victims are in place.

2.Drink and drive – A vehicle was involved in a RTC and subsequently rolled. The driver admitted to drink driving in interview and failed the breath test at the scene. The offender has been charged to appear at the Magistrates court.

3.Possession of a bladed article in public – The driver of the previous crime was found to be in possession of a bladed article when searched.

4.3 x Possession of a controlled drug/class B Cannabis – Police smelt Cannabis on a suspect to an incident. When searched an amount of the drug was found. A Cannabis warning was issued.

Following a fire alarm at a property Cannabis plants were found by the fire service. A suspect has been identified and enquires are continuing.

The suspect to the last offence was found to be in possession of an amount of Cannabis.

5.Destroy / damage property – A number of trees have been cut by a neighbour whilst the owner was away. The owner does not want to support police action. The matter will be resolved privately.

Jon and I have been paying attention to the following issues in Chudleigh over the last month:

1.Parking on pavements and junctions in certain areas of Chudleigh.

2.Patrolling the play parks.

3.Patrolling Chudleigh School at drop off and pick up times.

4.Visiting licensed premises ref drinking and driving in the run up to Christmas.

5.Anti-poaching patrols.

Warning notices have been placed on several vehicles parked on pavements.

We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

That concludes the report.

Mark Easton PCSO 30315

Jon Croft PC 15661