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Chudleigh Town Centre Improvement


Trying to foresee the future is difficult, particularly in town planning. There have been a number of development plans drawn up by Teignbridge District council (TDC) some with extensive consultation with residents. The most recent in 2010/2011 leading to the Chudleigh Masterplan, which is part of the TDC local plan.

Particular themes expressed by the population included:

  • Improved facilities for young people, we can now see the results, an envied Skate Park, multi use games area (MUGA) and a youth centre in the old school.
  • Community and sports facilities. This is being addressed by the community interest group.(CCIC)
  • Town centre improvement, which we look at in this document.

TCEAC is committee of CTC formed in 2014 as a result of the masterplan, a more detailed scoping document has been produced, but this summary is to try and outline the issues.

Some concept designs have been done, but a feasibility study would be necessary to see what is possible.


  • Improve business/retail opportunities in the town centre.
  • Make the centre retail and community facilities attractive to residents
  • Make the town centre attractive to tourists
  • Make it safe
  • Make it beautiful

Traffic flow and speed

  • Traffic signs should encourage traffic leaving the town centre to use the most efficient route.
  • Traffic slowing measures, e.g. chicanes and bumps, should be improved such that traffic in the town centre is at roughly 10mph.
  • Increase in parking spaces for delivery and shopping in the main street .


  • Widening pavements and reducing trip hazards would prevent the need for baby buggies and motor scooters to go into the roadway.
  • Bus stops could be re-sited so that there are adequate bus shelters with seating.
  • Fingerposts would direct walkers to other features of the town.
  • Changing the road layout could make space for pleasant seating, trees and further planting.

General Appearance

  • Surface of road and pathways can be changed to emphasize different spaces.
  • It would be very good if cables could be buried.
  • Street lighting could be better designed.
  • The surroundings of the Obelisk and War memorial could be improved.


Change is always difficult to cope with and there is a feeling that decisions are made without asking local residents. Consultation was very extensive in 2010/2011 including a town questionnaire and there was good response.

There is no doubt that the town population will increase over the next 10-15 years and we need to make plans so that retail opportunities are improved and the essential character of Chudleigh is not lost. During building work the trading businesses must be protected.

Town centre enhancement is already a feature of the TDC Local Plan. A feasibility study will look at ways to roll this out and make life better for vehicles, pedestrians, residents and visitors for the future.

Tessa Frost

Chair of Environment committee