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Chudleigh Scooper Heros is a local group set up on Facebook to highlight the growing concerns of local residents of dog fouling on our streets. We have over 140 members who are fed up with other dog owners who do not pick up after their dog.

This seems to be on the up and concerns are growing for the safety of children in our community.

Not so long ago the play park by the school had a huge issue with children playing in the field along side the park then walking and playing on the climbing equipment and spreading the mess unknowing in the park. A point was raised that the dogs should be banned from that particular area to safe guard the children but I don't see that being very enforceable.

Most recently we have Christopher Webb come on board which has been brilliant and he is a great knack of getting things moving along, for example following up on a missing poo bin by the Skateboard park.

He intends to encourage the dog warden to visit Chudleigh more often and has encouraged more people to be aware of the situation and to note where the dog mess is located and to report this direct to TDC.

I myself have made posters to share out and tie to lampposts but there is the issue that we might get into trouble with littering.

Twindle beer and Fore street are just a couple of areas that seem be the hotspots at the moment and highlighted especially by parents and walking the little ones to school and avoiding the poo with or prams and buggies.

This article is aimed at bringing awareness to this situation with people offering help and advise Richard Keeling from the local pet shop Pets Corner in the past has offered free poo bags and is happy to give advise such as equipment to pick up dog poo if dog owners are unable to bend down to pick up the poo.

Hope the above makes sense.

Kind regards