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Bat and Moth garden

The Bat and moth Garden at the corner of Rock road, opposite Glenspray is almost complete, funded by the Greater Horseshoe Bat project and inspired by the plight of the Greater Horseshoe Bat.

30% of the UK population of Greater Horseshoe Bats live in South Devon, and Chudleigh has a maternal roost, a place where they have their babies, in the caves of Chudleigh Rocks. It is important that the mums do not have to fly very far for food when feeding their babies, (breast fed). They like dung beetles cockchafers and moths. We can’t provide dung and beetles but we can provide plants and flowers that encourage insects including moths. This garden is very close to the Rock and the caves, so there will be more food for the bat mums and babies.

This was funded by the Greater Horseshoe Bat project under the auspices of Devon Wildlife Trust, but constructed by volunteers form Chudleigh WILD and Chudleigh Environment volunteers. Plants for the garden were provided by people around the town, and locally gathered seeds were grown on. Some plants were bought in, but most of the compost was donated by Chudleigh Rotters and Rock House. Planting was done by Chudleigh WILD and pupils from Chudleigh School Mud Club.the wonderful bat seat was made by Jon Bairstow and placed by James Shears of Glenspray.

We hope this garden will be a pleasure for us and the bats for many years to come.

Tessa Frost

Chair of Town Council Environment Committee

July 2017