Chudleigh Town Council
Chudleigh Town Hall, Market Way, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0HL
Email: / Telephone: 01626 853 140
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

Agenda's for next Chudleigh Town Council Meeting

Notice is hereby given to all registered electors of the town of Chudleigh of the:-


Friday 28 April 2017

To be held in the Woodway Room, at the Town Hall

Commencing at 7.00pm



2. Approval of minutes of 2016 Town Meeting

3. Presentation of Annual Citizen’s Award 2017

4. Guest speaker: Helen Parr from the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project

5.Mayor’s report

6. County Councillor’s report

7. District Councillors reports

8.Neighbourhood Development Plan: Report on progress from Graham Wall

9. Police report

10. Town Council financial report

11. Community reports

a)Tessa Frost: Chudleigh Wild

b)David Barnett: Chudleigh Primary School

c)Andrew Turnbull: CADAS

d)Mary Anne McFarlane: SEARCH

12.Any other business

Signed: Councillor Richard Keeling

Mayor: Chudleigh Town Council

Dated: 19 April 2017

Chudleigh Town Councillors, there will be the Annual Meeting of the Full Council, to which you are summoned, to be held at Chudleigh Town Hall on Monday 8 May 2017 at 7pm

The meeting will consider the items set out below:-

John Carlton

John Carlton

Clerk to Chudleigh Town Council

Dated: Thursday 27 April 2017

Annual Meeting Agenda

1.Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2017/18

2.Public participation:


4.Declaration of Members’ interests:

5.To confirm parts 1 and 2 of the meeting

6.County Councillor’s report

7.Mayor’s report and any urgent matters brought forward:

8.Police report:

9.District Councillors Reports:

10.Ratification of minutes of the last meeting of 3 April 2017 & review of action points

11. Ratification of the minutes of the Planning Committee of 19 April 2017

12. Ratification of the minutes of the Town Enhancement Committee meeting of 29 March 2017

13. Adoption of the Town Council’s Code of Conduct

14. Determination of the membership of committees

15. Review of terms of reference for committees

16. Review and adoption of standing Orders, financial regulations, financial risk assessment and internal financial controls.

17. Review and adoption of the Council’s investment strategy

18. Review of the Council’s membership of other bodies

19. Review of asset register

20. Review of insurance arrangements

21. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to the expenditure of £17,466 for the provision of an outdoor gym at Millstream meadow

22. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to the expenditure of £300 for the purchase of a concrete litter bin to serve the skate park area at Millstream Meadow

23. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to provide £2,000 in part-funding of the LHC consultancy fees to take forward the town centre enhancement project

24. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to the expenditure of £624 to replace eight emergency lights

25. Planning: Consideration of 17/00822/FUL: 69 Fore Street, Chudleigh: Change of use and extension of detached two storey store.

26. Consideration of options for the cutting of roadside verges

27. Highways issues

28. Correspondence

29. Clerk’s report

30. Finance report

31. Committee Reports:

a.Environment Committee:

b.Planning Committee:

c.Town Hall & Finance Committee:

d.Town Centre Enhancement Advisory Committee

32. Reports from Councillors attending meetings on behalf of the Council:

33. Date and Time of next meeting: Monday 6 June 2016 – Town Hall – 7pm