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Agenda's for next Chudleigh Town Council Meeting

Chudleigh Town Councillors, there will be a meeting of the Full Council, to which you are summoned, to be held at Chudleigh Town Hall on Monday 6 March 2017 at 7pm

The meeting will consider the items set out below:-

John Carlton

John Carlton

Clerk to Chudleigh Town Council

Dated: Thursday 23 February 2017


1.Public participation:


3.Declaration of Members’ interests:

4.To confirm parts 1 and 2 of the meeting

5.County Councillor’s report

6.Mayor’s report and any urgent matters brought forward:

7.Police report:

8.District Councillors Report:

9.Ratification of minutes of the last meeting of 6 February 2017 & progress on action points

10. Ratification of the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting of 22 February 2017

11. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to commence a refuse collection contract with Teignbridge District Council from 1 May 2017 at a cost of £1,312 per annum

12. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to the expenditure of £3,250 for the refurbishment of the staircase leading to the Woodway Room balcony

13. Consideration of draft protocol covering pre-application meetings with developers/land owners

14. Resolution: The Town Council agrees to the expenditure of up to £3,300 to prepare the area of Chudleigh cemetery set aside for a green burial service. This to include the expenditure of £2,016 on timber fencing and £1,020 for the purchase and planting of hedging plants to create a discreet area of the cemetery for green burials.

15. The Town Council nominates Councillor Jackson to serve as the Town Council representative on the CADAS management committee.

16. The Town Council nominates Amanda Barnes and Fiona Halstead to serve as trustees for Chudleigh United Charities

17. Highways issues

18. Correspondence

19. Clerk’s report

20. Finance report

21. Committee Reports:

a.Environment Committee:

b.Planning Committee:

c.Town Hall & Finance Committee:

d.Town Enhancement Committee

22. Reports from Councillors attending meetings on behalf of the Council:

23. Date and Time of next meeting: Monday 3 April 2017 – Town Hall – 7pm