Chudleigh Town Council
Chudleigh Town Hall, Market Way, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0HL
Email: / Telephone: 01626 853 140
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

Report for 2016-2017

We are a group of local residents who want to share and enthuse others with their passion for wildlife!

Our aims are to: -

Share knowledge on the wonderful wildlife in the Parish of Chudleigh.

Raise awareness through events & activities that involve and motivate the community.

Encourage positive action by local residents to attract & sustain more wildlife in the town and Parish of Chudleigh.

Work together and with others to conserve existing wildlife and enhance our local habitats, features and species populations.

Record what we have, holding and sharing our wildlife records with others.

Advise groups and individuals on biodiversity

Be environmentally and socially aware and responsible in what we do

We have

1.Hosted Bio Blitz at Chudfest 2016.

2.Held nature walks.

3.Put Swift boxes on the back of the Town hall and the Globe Hotel, to extend nesting places.

4.Removed grass from verges to increase variety of plants.

5.Pruned community orchard trees and planted 2 more trees.

6.Uncovered the Italian style grotto in Culver Green, and planted the old Boule Piste.

7.Removed plastic from bank in Millstream meadow park and planted primroses, snowdrops and native Bluebells and daffodils.

8.Hosted a bat recorder for Greater Horseshoe Bat project (GHBP)

9.Are in the process of making an insect and pollinator friendly garden in Rock road, funded by GHBP.

We will

1.Continue working with the school

2.Encourage the Town Council to support Chudleigh as a biodiverse town.

3.Continue planting native , insect friendly species in public spaces.

4.Organise more nature walks

5.Co-operate with other organisations eg CADAS and the in beautifying the town.

6.Comment on planning issues that affect the natural environment.

7.Take part in developing the neighbourhood plan.

Tessa Frost

April 2017